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Unsustainable energy October 23, 2014

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oil-pump-rig-solar-450x283The Brend Oil price closed today at $87 per barrel, continuing its collapse which started at the end of June 2014 ($114 per barrel). Good news for the consumer? The subject is rather more complicated. The Economist at it’s Oct 11. issue argues for an Unsustainable energy 


Philosopher kings October 18, 2014

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  thucydidesOn the issue of Oct 4. the Economist published an article regarding the importance of general education and the benefits that could derive for business leaders. The article emphasized the paramount significance of “inward-bound” courses for the big decision-makers. One can learn more about leadership from Thucydides’s hymn to Pericles than from a thousand leadership experts. The immersion in Plato can reveal the few things that truly matter. The renowned Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen devised one of the most popular courses and wrote a book called “How will you measure your life”.  Apparently Philosophy can reveal secrets that elaborated risk-management and complicated economic analysis  fail to unlock.

  On establishing the selective course of General Education,  the department of economics  aspires to provide it’s students with their own path to Philosophers Kings reflection.

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