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The list… October 13, 2012

Posted by proeconomia in Fiscal policy, Main, News on Greece, On the crisis, Opinion.

OK, now its not really news but I was watching the theme on TV (the channel was Antenna TV, news @ 8) and I thought, what the heck, lets post it! Germany, Spain and Italy have already collected from tax evasion of monies in Swiss banks 7.8 bn euros while France alone already collected from the same source 6.2 bn euros. Total for these countries 14 bn euros from tax evasion in Switzerland alone! Greece has not done anything yet although the evidence was and, as the French are stating still is, fully available to Greek authorities. On the other hand all of us are expected to pay more in taxes in the following year, albeit with much lower income and being in the 5th year of negative growth…It just makes you wonder (again!)



1. Constantina - October 13, 2012

wonder eh? Well, this is the least one can say fellony! Just a handful of people have been paying for this crisis and NO ONE has the guts to call things with their name!

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