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Euro Breakup Precedent Seen When 15 State-Ruble Zone Fell Apart June 8, 2012

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An interesting opinion article from Bloomberg, with many references. As you are reading it carefully you will find this statement:

“The lesson for the EU is that it should be watching closely what Germany is doing, and be wary of calls for a smaller euro zone, or a “two-speed Europe,” Krastev said. Unions don’t break up because of troubles in peripheral countries, they break up from the core, he said. “Disintegration doesn’t occur because everyone wants to go their own way,” said Krastev at the think-tank in Bulgaria. “It happens because politicians envisage a closer, optimal union. This crisis is already reducing the borders of solidarity. The EU space is going to be renegotiated.””

and the article ends with this:

““A currency is about trust,” he said. “There is a need for an emotional sense of shared citizenship to have a common currency. It is good to have a shared sense of belonging.””



1. Constantina - June 8, 2012

A very interesting opinion according to my view; let’s keep in mind this phrase: “unions break up from the core…” well, maybe it is about time Chancellor Merkel relaxes a little bit and let the countries breathe… It is Germany that leads the EU to dismantle, not Greece! Greece has its own serious problems, but what about the “leaders” of the EU? How do they deal with economic problems? What measures do they take? Because so far, all measures have failed tragically – it can;t just be that Greeks are so spoiled children that nothing can teach them. We all know it takes good advice for children to be good!

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